Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Defensible Space & Chipping Information

As of September 7th, the North Tahoe Fire Residential Chipping Hotline stopped accepting any more requests. 

For the next few weeks our chipping hand crew will be scouring the neighborhoods 

for the remaining debris piles on the streets to officially clean up residents 

defensible space vegetation within our District.

Do you have enough Defensible Space?  

Summer brings the threat of wildland fires to the Lake Tahoe basin. Fire prevention can keep fires from starting and can be a determining factor in protecting your property should a wildland fire occur in your area. 
The North Tahoe Fire Protection District is offering a FREE chipping service throughout the summer months.  Please read the below information for how the program works.  In addition, we offer FREE property inspections to assist residents in creating “Defensible Space” around their homes and structures.  Please call (530) 584-2322 to schedule a property inspection.

Here's how the program works: 

This year 2013, North Tahoe Fire is pleased to provide Chipping Service to our residential customers. The program will be subject to some changes. We will have one crew operating in the district. North Tahoe Fire will not be chipping in Alpine Meadows at the present time.


The crew will be chipping Tuesday through Friday. The crew will not be hauling chips away. You can have the chips left in a pile or broadcast back onto your property. The size of your debris pile must not be larger than 6' high by 6' deep by 20' wide. 

The North Tahoe Fire Chipping Crew will be spending 30 minutes at each residence that has requested chipping. The debris piles that are stacked neatly with the butt ends together, piled close to the street where the NTF Chip Crew can drive up and access the pile safely, should be chipped entirely at the prescribed size in the time alloted.


WE DO NOT CHIP BOARD LUMBER, PINE CONES, PINE NEEDLES OR BARK.  To dispose of these materials contact the Cabin Creek Land Fill (530) 583-7800 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Mon-Sat.  Yard waste/debris must be delivered to them in bags or in a tarp.


To request Chipping Service please call the new number: 530-584-2322 or 530-583-6911 ext. 601 or request via the North Tahoe Fire "Chipper Request Form" located within this section.


It’s a neighborhood thing!

Homeowners frequently ask “What can be done about my neighbor’s property?” North Tahoe Fire suggests that you first make a personal appeal and provide fire hazard and defensible space literature available from the district. If that doesn’t elicit response you can contact us at 530-584-2322 and ask to speak to a defensible space inspector.

If you would like to have a speaker at your homeowner’s association or neighborhood meetings, please call NTFPD at 530-584-2322 to set up an appointment.

You may access the Community Wildfire Protection Plan for the California portion of the Lake Tahoe basin by clicking here. Additionally, the Alpine Meadows Community Wildfire Protetection Plan can be accessed by clicking here.