The Safety & Logistics Division is headed by Battalion Chief Sarah Lagano


Battalion Chief Lagano is responsible for the district’s structural and wild land  fire suppression  equipment  program, safety and risk management program, facility maintenance and repair and permitting compliance for  8 fire stations, personal protective gear procurement, hazmat response program and disaster planning. As the district Safety Officer Chief Lagano is responsible for all accident and near miss investigations.


Much of this work is accomplished with the assistance of multiple program coordinators and technical experts. It is very much a “team effort” that results in a highly effective delivery of service to our constituents and visitors to the area.


NTFPD and Meeks Bay FPD  provide all-risk service to a  large and diverse  region  including incidents that are typical to a municipal fire district and those not typical to a municipal fire district such as water and ice rescue, year-round back county rescue, confined space rescue  and  avalanche response, wild land and urban interface vegetation  fires, rope rescue. Providing the newest and best equipment available combined with the best trained employees  is a cornerstone to providing effective emergency all risk  service to the public.

In 2017 the North Tahoe Fire began the process of building an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program. Since that time the UAS Committee comprised of district employees have built a program that operates under the authority of the FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) and Jurisdictional COA that allow for a wide range of public safety capabilities to enhance our mission. The district operates a fleet of UAS with varying capabilities that are capable of assisting in most aspects of public safety including search and rescue, fire investigation, early vegetation fire detection, infrared capabilities, fire intelligence and GIS mapping functions, avalanche rescue and hazmat operations. The district operates UAS in conjunction with our federal, state and local partners and also makes our resources available for mutual aid response through various aid agreements. Currently the program is preparing to start operating our UAS fleet on incidents in conjunction with manned aircraft and in accordance with FAA UAS requirements utilizing Victor frequency capability and procedures. The district continues to expand and modify this program to keep up with UAS technology developments. The district is recognized regionally as a pioneer agency in public safety UAS programs and continues to assist other public agencies in developing their own programs.


NTFPD participates in the statewide mutual aid system for both California and Nevada, as well as other states when requested. Our  personnel are trained and equipped  to provide all risk mutual aid no matter where it is needed.